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Leadership and Career Coaching

As a coach, I am dedicated to helping professionals determine the profession they are best suited for and will flourish in. Far too many talented professionals are in positions that do not augment their major strengths and what they love doing. They feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied, yet struggle with putting in the time and effort to figure out how to make a career change. That is where I come in. I conduct a comprehensive evaluation that helps my clients think through their next career step. Whether it is changing positions with their current employer, increasing skills and confidence in their current role to get a promotion, or transitioning to something entirely different. I work with individuals one-on-one or I work with HR departments to help determine career paths with their staff.

In addition, I coach high performers on how to develop leadership techniques that augment their organizational growth and autonomy. The targeted coaching modalities I use will help to achieve a profound understanding of the unique leadership styles and processes for creating results. I will also help my clients master negotiation, conflict, and resolution, and learn how to leverage thier time. Committed to achieving results and deepening awareness, high performers excel by holistically investing in a coach for their professional and personal growth.


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Derek is ready to work with you to unpack your rich leadership potential.

Drawing on rich in-depth experience in the nonprofit sector, Derek’s coaching experience aims to help leaders at all levels shape the future of work, rather than simply reacting to it. Derek believes in the power of transforming relationships by transforming yourself – and he wants to help you see that power, too.

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1-on-1 Coaching

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Group Coaching

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Corporate Coaching & Training

Corporate coaching supports a strong culture in growth-oriented leadership that breathes adaptability. In organizations with a strong culture, highly motivated…

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