1-on-1 Coaching

In 1-1 coaching, we will work together in private sessions to clarify the outcomes you are looking to create, establish a process to achieve it, and manage your progress toward achieving accelerated results. In a dynamic partnership, our work together will be confidential, vulnerable, radically honest, celebratory, boundary-pushing, & sincere.
Beyond my ongoing coaching engagements, I am also accepting single session appointments to solve high-stake conflicts, challenges, and issues at the executive level.

Group Coaching

Group coaching consists of an intimate cohort of high-level professionals who have a shared objective to develop team dynamics and diversify their professional networks. Groups are an exceptional resource for professionals to establish valuable contacts and partnerships with other leaders who are creating the future across industries. Please inquire for details about upcoming group opportunities & virtual workshops.

Corporate Coaching & Training

Corporate coaching supports a strong culture in growth-oriented leadership that breathes adaptability. In organizations with a strong culture, highly motivated people have a sense of being supported by their work and a strong connection to their purpose. These companies demonstrate exceptional levels of trust, agility, and performance from times of business as usual through crises. Corporate leadership coaching focuses on increasing your bottom line through creating a culture of trust, purpose, and growth.

Working with Derek

Shape your future

My clients are ambitious, motivated changemakers. They are committed to holistic transformation – not just in the organizations they manage, but in their own approach to leadership. They have big goals. They are determined to make a positive impact in the world. They thrive on continuous self-improvement and personal development.

In my coaching career, I have worked with clients across a range of industries. I have coached non-profit executives and for-profit leaders. I have worked with newcomers to the world of executive leadership and seasoned veterans of their field. Regardless of their background, my clients share one thing in common: they are unified by a desire to achieve big results in their personal and professional lives.

My coaching focuses on five key aspects of their personal and professional growth.

  • Improving their leadership capabilities to manage complex, diverse organizations.
  • Heightening their self-awareness to develop into more empathic leaders.
  • Increasing their confidence to build the confidence of those around them.
  • Envisioning and achieving ambitious goals – both for themselves and their organizations.
  • Developing their professional capacity to realize their potential as changemakers.

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